e u n j a e♪ (daytimepanda) wrote,
e u n j a e♪

[2008.10.18 Pictures] Golf-Mike get reAdy concert.

Get ready … for a new day in the better way
Get ready … for an unlimited potential !
Get ready … a new me , a new you
Get ready to be a guy !!!


Images have been resized so it's page friendly. (: When/if you save, it will save at it's original size. <3/

Tags: !public, golf-mike, official images

  • [Extras] Golf-Mike - Uttalud {2008.10.04}

    File Size: 17.3 MB (18,215,336 bytes) File Type: .mpg Resolution: 375x288 Duration: 00:01:44 Download: mediafire

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